Citrus Sheriff Prendergast issues statement on Hurricane and evacuations

By Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast

Hurricane Idalia is expected to impact Citrus County sometime Tuesday.  Winds are predicted to be Category 3 Hurricane strength, that means 129 miles per hour.  Catastrophic life threating storm surge up to 11 feet above ground level is expected.

A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for all of those in Zone A.  Zone A includes everything west of Hwy 19 and portions east of Hwy 19.  If you do not know your zone, visit the Sheriff’s social media pages, or go to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office website and look under the Emergency Management tab.

There is also a voluntary evacuation ordered countywide for those living in mobile homes, campers, recreational vehicles, tents, and structures not capable of handling Category 3 winds.

Take action now!  This is a dangerous storm with extreme risk to life.

Shelters will be open today starting at 1 PM.  Visit the Sheriff’s social media pages for up-to-date information or call the Citizens Information Line at 352-249-2775.

Schools will be closed at least Tuesday and Wednesday.

Follow the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office social media sites for up-to-date information and tune in to trusted news sources.