Flashback: Citrus County among others in Florida, Texas scammed by Russian couple

Citrus County is among a list of locales in Florida and Texas where in 2012 millions were taken from would-be investors by a Russian couple in 2012, North Miami Beach developers Victor and Natalia Wolf, who have since vanished, the Miami Herald reports. 

TOP VIDEO: 1-Cent Sales Tax

Every Citrus County Commission meeting, the issue of a one-cent sales tax comes up like clockwork, and from a variety of angles.

Some are pushing for a one-cent sales tax to be put on the ballot, with the stipulation revenues would only be used for residential road resurfacing.

But commissioners are reluctant to allow another tax because the political winds aren't blowing that way. (August 22, 2017)


Deputies looking for TV thief

This man is accused of having stolen two TV's from the Lecanto WalMart on August 16, 2017

Do you know this man?

He is said to have stolen two 36" TVs from the Lecanto WalMart on Aug. 16.

He is a white male, approximately 6' tall, 170 pounds and was wearing an orange and black hat, a black t-shirt with "Fast N Loud" written on the front of the shirt in orange letters, dark colored shorts and tennis shoes.

Rogers resigns; takes post in Hernando County

Jeff RogersCitrus County Deputy Administrator Jeff Rogers, age 45,  is taking a post with Hernando County as assistant administrator there.

Rogers' resignation from Citrus County government is effective today.

His public service in Citrus County has stretched over seven years, where he has also served as public workers director and, for a time, Citrus County County interim administrator. He currently lives in Spring Hill.

County lays out gas tax expenditures ahead of budget

Pumping gas

There has historically been a lot of discussion of what has, and has not, been done with Citrus County's Gas Tax revenues.

In this month's issue of Citrus Link, Citrus County's monthly newsletter for county residents, the county breaks down the use of the tax in a concise report for Citrus County residents.

Smart growth can lead to better community

Jimmie T. Smith, Citrus County Commissioner, District 3How to get there.

Have you noticed that the county is working hard to reduce the amount of surplus residential property it currently has control over (due to tax liens and other reasons) and even some surplus lands that can be used for the commercial sector? 


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