Sheriff, school district, county reach deal on school security

As a new school year began today, the safety and security of the students and faculty was uppermost in the minds of the Citrus County Schools Superintendent, the school board, the Sheriff and members of the county commission.

Early Monday morning, Superintendent Sandra “Sam” Himmel, also representing the school board, met with representatives of the sheriff and county commission to discuss and review the proposed contract to help protect the safety and security of the county’s school students.

During that meeting, all agreed to a minor change to add language clarifying that the requesting party would fund the audit services for any audit that is performed.  Meanwhile, on Monday afternoon the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners voted to reallocate funding for the School Resource Officer program to the School Board pursuant to an agreement between the two parties.

Also on Monday afternoon, he School Board  enter into the revised agreement with the Sheriff.

The School Board and the Board of County Commissioners will each consider the change at upcoming scheduled meetings, and the Sheriff has agreed to execute the contract.

All parties said they are hopeful that the necessary documents will be executed and in place by the end of August.