Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection raises funds for Animal Services X-Ray machine

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Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) is raising community awareness and funds to purchase a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine to help Citrus County Animal Services and Care Center (CCAS) better serve the medical needs of the animals that move through the Care Center.

Currently, CCAS sends animals off-site for needed x-rays, which takes staff time, stresses the animals and can delay care for the most critical of patients.

In the past year, approximately 40 patients were sent off-site for x-rays totally over $20,000 spent for these diagnostics. The Care Center veterinarian has to choose which animals are the highest priority to receive x-rays when taking into consideration budget and time to receive care.

Additionally, x-rays are a crucial diagnostic used in the evidence collection for animal cruelty cases to ensure that justice is served for animals in Citrus County. Having an x-ray machine on-site will revolutionize the care that strays, owner surrenders, and cruelty cases receive during their time at animal services before they move on to their forever homes.

In the first month of CCFAP fundraising efforts, an incredible 66% of the funds needed to make this dream a reality have been raised. CCAS is incredibly grateful to our animal-loving community, and their dedication to providing the very best care to the unowned animals in our county. It is easy to make a donation to the CCFAP X-ray Machine Fundraiser.

Please visit their website or Facebook Page at:

Citrus County Animal Services is an open-admission shelter that takes in approximately 5,000 animals annually, regardless of capacity or reason for surrender. The nonprofit organization is the only animal shelter serving Citrus County.

Since 2019, Citrus County Animal Services has increased lifesaving measures to achieve a release rate of over 90% for both dogs and cats.

CCAS is committed to working with our volunteers and community groups to continue to raise funds to acquire lifesaving and pet retention equipment and supplies along with increasing community engagement.

For more information about Citrus County Animal Services or the Care Center, visit, or call 352-746-8400.