Overdue boaters found safe, sound

Two overdue boaters reported as being overdue were spotted on Saturday by a U.S. Coast Guard C-130 plane, and were found to be safe and sound by another boater helping out in the effort.

Members of the public living in the Chassowitzka, Homosassa or Ozello area with a CB radio were asked to tune their radios to Channel 19 and attempt to contact the boaters.

A private vessel met up with the boaters, and towed them back home, the Sheriff's Office said.

TOP VIDEO: Dog Seizure News Conference

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office announced that on Oct. 23, Citrus County Sheriff Animal Control officers seized 65 dogs from an elderly couple in Homosassa, Florida. 
Citrus County Director of Animal Services Morgan A. Woodward explains the seizures at a media news confeence at the shelter (October 27, 2017)

Road work to begin on W. Roosevelt

West Roosevelt Boulevard from County Road 491 to Forest Ridge Boulevard is scheduled to be milled and resurfaced, beginning Nov. 1.

Work will begin on Nov. 1 should be completed in 60 calendar days not including the up-coming holidays. 

The work will be completed by Pave-Rite, Inc. at a Project cost of $678,663.31. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is funding 75 perecent of this Project through the Small County Outreach Program.

Adoption fees waived for all dogs available for adoption at Citrus County Shelter

Let’s clear the kennels at the Citrus County Animal Shelter! The Shelter is way over capacity and dogs continue to come into the shelter daily.

In an effort to clear out the kennels and make room for more dogs, we are waiving adoption fees until further notice on all dogs that are currently available for adoption.

Citrus County residents, however, will be required to pay $10 for county registration tag.

Animal control seizes 65 dogs from elderly Homosassa couple

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office announced that on Monday Citrus County Sheriff Animal Control officers seized 65 dogs from an elderly couple in Homosassa.

The couple has been monitored regularly as dog breeders, the CCSO said, just barely meeting minimum standards to care for their dogs.

During this monitoring period, Animal Control was aware of 18 dogs. Dozens of dogs were kept hidden from law enforcement during checkups.

Animal Services policies take center stage at BOCC

Animal Services artworkPolicies of the Citrus County Animal Services division took center stage on Tuesday at the county commission, and passions were high as animal activists took exception to any number of policies in force at the county's animal shelter.


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