Inverness Sertoma Gong Raid a success

FROM LEFT: Citrus Sertoma (Crystal River) President Maureen Tambasco returns the Inverness Sertoma Gong to President Bill Catto.

The Inverness Sertoma Club has regained its Gong and its dignity after raiders from the Citrus Sertoma Club (Crystal River) were able to snatch the Gong away from Inverness in the dead of the night!

The Inverness Sertoma Raiders tricked the Citrus Club into inviting them into their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 29th. The four stealth raiders, Bud Osborne, Rainer Jakob, Mark Avery, Bill Catto and George Bendtsen, infiltrated the Citrus meeting and before the members know what happened the precious Gong was back in Inverness hands.

It is a Sertoma tradition that club members can visit another Club and take their Gong. This old Sertoma Ritual is to promote clubs to share ideas on Successful Fundraising, Membership Growth and Sponsorship. And, it’s just a lot of fun!

For more information about this program or how to become a member of Inverness Sertoma Club contact Cynthia Oswald .


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