Ferrate Solutions Selected as “Innovative Technology” to Remove Phosphorus, Other Nutrients, in Fight Against Blue-Green Algae

(Melbourne, FL) Ferrate Solutions, Corp., a Florida-based, wastewater treatment company, was recently awarded a competitive-bid contract to remove phosphorus and other nutrients from canal water entering Lake Okeechobee.

The $3 million contract was awarded by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) in July and is part of the District’s ongoing efforts to make measurable improvements in Lake Okeechobee water quality.

Funding for the development of projects using “cost-effective, innovative technologies” for nutrient removal and blue-green algae mitigation was made available through Governor Ron DeSantis’ Executive Order Number 19-12 “Achieving More Now for Florida’s Environment”, and with the support and input from both the Blue-Green Algae Task Force and the Florida State Legislature.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), through the Office of Ecosystem Projects Harmful Algal Bloom Innovative Technology Grant, awarded the grant to SFWMD and will serve as a project partner.

Ferrate is an iron-based compound that easily binds to phosphorus and converts nitrogen to a gas, making it the only viable solution in the world for effectively and affordably removing both contaminates from large amounts of water.  Ferrate is a “green” chemical in that water is treated in a closed system and the compound is removed before water is released back into the environment.

“Despite best efforts, everything that has been tried in the past in this fight against nutrient contamination, has failed to bring Florida’s water quality in line with the environmental standards that have been set by FDEP,” said Thomas Waite, CEO and Founder of Ferrate Solutions, Corp.  “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate this ground-breaking technology at a full-scale treatment area at Lake Okeechobee.  Ferrate is proven to remove Total P and Total N, something that no other technology on the planet, can do.  Ferrate Solutions is proud to be part of the Florida team that is working so hard to restore our watersheds and eliminate harmful algal blooms.”

The project site will be located on 25 acres of District-owned property at the S-191 canal in Okeechobee County.  Construction of the site is scheduled to be completed within one year, and treatment will be ongoing for two years following its completion.  For more information on Ferrate Solutions visit, www.ferrate-solutions.com and for FAQs on Florida’s water resources visit, http://ferrate-solutions.com/florida-water/.

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