Missing/runaway juvenile

Kelsey Ann Tallman

On July 15, Kelsey Ann Tallman was reported as a missing/runaway juvenile to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelsey Tallman is 5’6” tall, 120 pounds, with red hair and hazel eyes. She has a piercing in the left side of her lip, and a tattoo on her lower abdomen of a black bird with the words “let it be”.

Kelsey was last seen wearing a blue and black horizontal striped dress, gray flip flops and carrying a purse with gold studs.

Spring cleanup yields cornucopia of history

Chassahowitzka spring

To the untrained eye, many of the hundreds of artifacts pulled in recent months from a Florida spring in the Chassahowitzka River look like stuff nobody wanted to buy at a yard sale: old bottles, an antler, broken pieces of a plate, a toy cap gun, a bowl, a fishhook, pins.

But to archaeologist Michael Arbuthnot, who oversaw a five-month project that pulled hundreds of such items from a 2 1/2-acre field of muck as deep as 25 feet below the surface of the spring, they are much more.

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