Commissioners: No new sales tax

Every time the Citrus County commission meets, there's always someone speaking at the "Open to the Public" dais trying to get commissioners to raise money for road resurfacing by instituting a one-cent sales tax.

The answer to that from county commissioners at every meeting is "no," and it was no different at Tuesday's commission meeting.

Clearing up confusion about budget choices

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith, District 3Following up on my last article, I wanted to take this opportunity to make things clear for those who may be confused about what the recent votes are about and “increase taxes."

Discussion about road resurfacing morphs into tax talk

What started on Tuesday as a discussion about a voluntary county road-resurfacing plan soon turned to talk about a transportation tax surcharge, and a one-cent sales tax.

The conversation began during a Citrus County Commission public workshop about a county voluntary road-resurfacing project, in which residents along any stretch of road would have the chance to vote among themselves as to whether they wanted their road resurfaced.

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