FEMA disaster relief updates

FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Team Specialists will be available to help citizens register for FEMA’s Individual Assistance Program at the Citrus Springs Community Center, located at 1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd, Citrus Springs, FL, from 8am – 6pm, until Wednesday, October 18, 2017. DSAT Specialists will continue to be in the county, going door to door to assist with registering for individual assistance.

FEMA DSAT Specialists  are no longer available at the Citrus County Resource Center.

TOP VIDEO: FEMA claims process

A FEMA representative appeared before the Citrus County Commission to ask the county to advise residents and businesses to submit claims from any Hurricane Irma-related losses they incurred from the storm.

Israel Peres, FEMA Intergovernmental Affairs representative, asked commissioners to remind county residents and businesses to file claims for damages and losses incurred during Hurricane Irma.

(October 10, 2017)

FEMA disaster teams working in Citrus county

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has Disaster Assistance Survivor Teams (DSAT) working in two areas in Citrus County.

Sheriff offers computer access to storm victims

CCSO StarFor those residents who don't have access to computers, but who need FEMA aid, the Sheriff's Office has offered three locations  where residents can go online to apply for aid.

Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast announced on Wednesday that residents can visit three different Sheriff’s Office locations to use a computer to apply for disaster assistance from FEMA.

FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program enhances flood claims process, extends grace period for policy renewals

FEMA logoWASHINGTON, Sept. 15 2017 —To support the ongoing disaster recovery, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is enhancing the flood insurance claims process, and extending the grace period for paying policy renewal premiums for insured survivors affected by Hurricane Irma.

What to expect when you register for FEMA disaster assistance

FEMA logoBy Cynthia Oswald,
BOCC Public Information Officer
Citrus County residents who want to apply for FEMA disaster assistance should know how the process works to get assistance from damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Below are a few tips to get you started.


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