Inverness updates City Capital Projects

The Inverness Depot District graphics by Bruce Day

Inverness Infantry Memorial is a special project to the community that will find its new home outside the west wing of City Hall at 212 W. Main St., Inverness.

The lifelike bronze soldier statutes will be placed upon a double-tiered granite pedestal that will be surrounded by a granite wall and benches.

Lighting, landscaping and flag mounts will round out an impactful display. The anticipated ribbon cutting will occur in January or February of 2018.

Marion County: A Short History Lesson

The Marion County Courthouse in Ocala

Marion County was created in 1844 from portions of Alachua, Orange and Hillsborough counties.

In addition, until 1853, Marion County included most of what is now Lake and Sumter counties.

Marion County is named after General Francis Marion of South Carolina, who was a guerilla fighter and hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Early in the war, General Marion led a band of 20 to 70 men which, at the time, was the only defense against the British in the entire state of South Carolina.

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