Veterans Service Officer post likely to remain as-is

Despite all the recent talk about the Citrus County Veterans Officer's position in the county government hierarchy, it appeared on Tuesday that county commissioners have decided the position should not be elevated from where it is in the organizational structure.

Certainly, commissioners said, not to the level of a directorship.

Commissioners agreed that current VSO Kimberly Menster was doing a good job, and deserved higher pay, they stopped short of saying that should include an elevation in the county structure. The idea of elevating that position to a possible directorship was endorsed in an April 24 letter to the Citrus County Commission, and signed by Grover Lewis, Citrus County Veterans Advisory Board Chairman.

In a recent local newspaper article, the letter noted, Commissioner Ron Kitchen Jr. was quoted as being open to the idea; however, on Tuesday, he said that any elevation would have to be left up to County Administrator Randy Oliver. "The Veterans Advisory board strongly and unanimously supports this recommendation and requests that this issue be added to your agenda to elevate the Veterans Service Officer's position,, with an appropriate salary for the position," the letter said.

Commissioner Jeff Kinnard said that, in his opinion, the issue had less to do with the elevation of the position than it did with a rise in pay. He was joined by County Commissioner Scott Carnahan, who also agreed that the County Administrator was the one to make the call of both elevation of the position and pay scale for the post.


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