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Gridlock keeps Zika funding hostage

I want to talk about Zika with you for a moment, because if there are people out there who aren’t worried about it, they should be.

This is an emergency unfolding in slow motion, but it’s an emergency nonetheless.

A word about Tropical Storm Hermine

I know that sometimes the weatherman has a tendency to get us all riled up about a storm only for it to be much less significant than promised.

But, let’s not let a few missed marks in the past impede our preparation for what Tropical Storm Hermine could bring over the coming days.

Take the time to reach out to your representatives

Couple of happy updates to share with you all this week.

You may remember that earlier this year I wrote about a small, but nonetheless significant, issue facing many of our residents in southern Spring Hill.

Dallas PD tragedy should unite America

U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent, 11th Congressional DistrictI spent 38 years in law enforcement. From patrolling the night shift in a police department in a Chicago suburb to serving as Sheriff of Hernando County in Florida, I have been witness to unimaginable acts by horrendous criminals.

Legislation promises better approach to security

U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent, 11th Congressional DistrictI think it is important that we address something that happened last week

More focus on terrorism, less squabbling

U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent, 11th Congressonal DistrictA week ago, our neighbors to the east suffered a homegrown terrorist attack.  The shooter was an American citizen.  His father (from Afghanistan) is an open and vocal supporter of the Taliban.


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