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County announces closings of 3 recycling centers

Due to increased illegal dumping at the three unmanned recycling centers the Board of County Commissioners have directed staff to take the following action, close the three unmanned centers and expand current recycling services provided at the Central Landfill to accommodate increased traffic.

The Citrus County Division of Solid Waste Management announces phase 1 of site closures during the week of March 20, 2017.

The following Recycling Centers will be closing:

Transit Orange Line interconnects with trolly hub

Citrus County Transit Service would like to remind everyone that the Orange Line picks up and drops off multiple times during daytime hours, Monday through Friday at Crystal River City Hall on Route 19, which is the 2017 designated Trolley Hub.

Vehicle burglaries on rise in Sugarmill Woods

Vehicle burglaries are on the rise in Sugarmill Woods. The Sheriff's Office says residents should lock their doors and remove valuable items, too.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office's Westside patrol units worked six vehicle burglaries on Wednesday night in the Sugarmill Woods area -- more specifically, on Dogwood Drive and Golfview Court.

The Sheriff's Office reminds residents that while the neighborhood sleeps, the suspects have been walking from house to house checking door handles and looking inside vehicles for any valuables that are in plain view.

The Sheriff's Office asks residents to not be an easy target, and to remember to take valuables out of their cars -- and to lock their doors.

Markers installed at Hells Gate in Homosassa

Citrus County has been working closely with the United States Coast Guard for the past several months to improve the navigational waterways of the Homosassa River.

One of the improvements suggested was to install “informational” markers at Hells Gate notifying boaters of the narrow channel ahead.

On Wednesday, Citrus County completed the installation of these “informational” markers. New pilings and signs were installed on both ends of Hells Gate to notify boaters of the narrow channel ahead.

Duke managing vegetation in transmission line corridor

As part of Duke Energy’s continuing commitment to provide safe and reliable electrical service to our communities, they must invest in the proper care and maintenance of the Transmission infrastructure.

Part of this maintenance program involves vegetation management within Duke’s right-of-way (ROW) corridor.

In order to ensure continued reliable electric service, crews will be pruning and, in some cases, removing trees in the ROW of the CC/CLT 230/500 kV transmission line corridor. Work is scheduled to begin in January and expected to be completed by November.

Transit offers new program for senior residents

The Citrus County Transit’s Transportation Disadvantaged Advisory Board has approved a new option for residents 60 years of age and older.
The new program invites any resident that is age 60 and older to get a free pass to ride the Deviated Fixed Route, and have a discount on the Para Transit service. This opportunity is not income-based, and residents will need to show proof of age for the bus pass to be issued.


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