That phone call may be a scam

Scam Alert artThe Citrus County Sheriff's Office on Friday alerted residents that a scam that is active throughout the nation is making itself known here.

People are answering their phone because they either recognize the number on the caller ID or because it is simply a local number. Once they pick up the phone, the CCSO said, the call is either a sales call, a scam call or a simply harassing call.

What the call recipient doesn't realize is that the number on the caller ID is a "ghosted" number --- and not the true origin of the call. Whichever version you receive, the Sheriff's Office said, do not call the number back. There is no benefit to making the return call, as you will end up calling the true owner of the number -- who has no idea about what has been happening.

The CCSO has received calls from innocent individuals who have been contacted by angry recipients of calls by the "ghosted" number.

If you receive a suspicious call notify the Seniors vs. Crime Office at 352-249-9139.



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