Marion County

Marion County loses bid for veterans nursing home

Florida’s seventh nursing home for military veterans will be built in western Port St. Lucie.

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve $17 million in funding for the 120-bed facility, which will cost an additional $27 to $37 million in federal funds to construct, according to the St. Lucie County government website.

The 28.5-acre site was donated by the Tradition Land Company, and is expected to employ about 190 people.

Marion County scored second in the selection process, falling short by 21 points out of the total 1,600.

Marion County: A Short History Lesson

The Marion County Courthouse in Ocala

Marion County was created in 1844 from portions of Alachua, Orange and Hillsborough counties.

In addition, until 1853, Marion County included most of what is now Lake and Sumter counties.

Marion County is named after General Francis Marion of South Carolina, who was a guerilla fighter and hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Early in the war, General Marion led a band of 20 to 70 men which, at the time, was the only defense against the British in the entire state of South Carolina.

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