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Focus on nutrients, not water

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. SmithHere in Citrus County, water is one of the main issues we focus on, so many people, regardless of political affiliation truly understand that water is key to how we live our lives here.

Communication includes sharing over social media

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith, District 3In a recent Citrus County Chronicle editorial, they addressed the issue of my use of social media, and to some extent, the fact that I write these letters and while I am a strong advocate for the free press, I do have issues when you only get part of a story or when things are taken out of context.

Long-time dangerous suspect apprehended in Thailand

By Heather Yates,
CCSO Community Relations Director

Ten years ago when I first joined the Sheriff’s Office, one of my favorite things about my job was putting out our top 10 Wanted of the Week.

It was a way to quickly educate our residents about who to be on the lookout for and the program provided instant gratification for our hardworking deputies whenever someone on the list was caught.

Grow tourism through policy changes

Jimmie T. Smith, Citrus County Commissioner, District 3

Most people support tourism in the county, let's admit it that when others come here and spend their money it helps create jobs and benefits our community, so why not support it.

Trip to Washington time well spent

Jimmie T. Smith, Citrus County Commissioner, District 3The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs invited commissioners from throughout the state of Florida to an event on July 27.  We were the second state to be invited to the White House and the plan is to do this for all the states.

Clearing up confusion about budget choices

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith, District 3Following up on my last article, I wanted to take this opportunity to make things clear for those who may be confused about what the recent votes are about and “increase taxes."


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