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Trip to Washington time well spent

Jimmie T. Smith, Citrus County Commissioner, District 3The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs invited commissioners from throughout the state of Florida to an event on July 27.  We were the second state to be invited to the White House and the plan is to do this for all the states.

Clearing up confusion about budget choices

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith, District 3Following up on my last article, I wanted to take this opportunity to make things clear for those who may be confused about what the recent votes are about and “increase taxes."

What does it mean to 'all be playing on the same team'?

During the last Citrus County Commission meeting, I stated that “Apparently not everybody is playing on the same team,” and yes, I meant it when I said it, because in my opinion, we have many different directions that the county is going.

How we build our team of public servants

As one of many in the community who is concerned with the future of Citrus County I think about policy, and even though many people would rather focus on headlines and be reactive to the issues, I personally try to be proactive and help bring the issues up for conversation before they are issues.

One area I think is a problem in our county government is the way we build our team of public servants, or better put, the hiring of our directors.

How to become pro-business

Many people have said “we need you to get business here” and they assume that there is a list of companies we can call and work with to get businesses​, to come.
But the challenges that go into getting business here and being pro-business are many, from workforce issues, workforce housing, taxation and the struggles of getting through the process of government.

Veterans and the Veterans Service Office

I want to use this article to talk about an issue that should be addressed as it affects approximately 28,000 veterans and their families -- the issue is our veterans service office.


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