Citrus County

Three Sisters Springs: Jewel of Citrus County

Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Fla.

Three Sisters Springs has been a largely unadvertised special attraction in Citrus County for generations. But today, it's the Jewel of Citrus County.

For a time, though, its fate was uncertain.

Outside interests eventually purchased the property, and there were concern by local environmental groups and residents that the springs, which are home to state-protected manatees, would be endangered with any development there.

Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

Manatees swim close to the surface and frequently come up for air. They also come to Florida in the summer months. Photo by Jim Reid, USFWS. and

The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, was established in 1983 specifically for the protection of the endangered West Indian Manatee.

This unique refuge preserves the last unspoiled and undeveloped habitat in Kings Bay, which forms the headwaters of the Crystal River. The refuge preserves the warm water spring havens, which provide critical habitat for the manatee populations that migrate here each winter.

Information about the Crystal River NWR can be obtained by visiting the refuge headquarters, located in Crystal River, Florida.


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