BOCC supports female war memorial in Homosassa

The Citrus County Commission on Tuesday gave its support for a proposed war memorial in honor of women who have served in the military.

The proposed memorial will be located in the area of the Old Homosassa War Memorial.

Mark Long, Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial Committee, said the new memorial will be paid for with private donations. And Bill Andrews, Treasurer for the organization, added that the land has been vacant for five years.

The county commission also:

  • Agreed to keep open the Central Ridge Pool, which has been seeing declining numbers. The pool is part of a larger 36-acre park inherited by the county when it was obligated to take control when community organizations couldn't afford to maintain it anymore.
  • Approved a resolution of support for the establishment of an electric co-op here, whose goal is to put solar panels up on Citrus County rooftops if residents want to help pay the panels, installation and other parts of their solar "array." The county will not provide taxpayer money for the project. The Solar Energy Co-Op is being hosted by the League of Women Voters of Citrus County. The co-op is organized and administered by Florida Solar United Neighborhoods (FL SUN), a partnership of the Florida League of Women Voters and the non-profit Community Power Network.


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