Board to wait for lawsuit, Legislature to pass medical marijuana policy

The Citrus County Commission will wait until a lawsuit over medical marijuana winds its way through the courts, and for the state Legislature to make up its mind before the county passes an ordinance governing the dispensing of the substance.

The board had before it a draft ordinance that would spell out where medical marijuana dispensaries would be located in the county, among other restrictions.

The BOCC didn't pass the ordinance but, rather placed it, as Commissioner Ron Kitchen said, "in suspended animation" until such time as the lawsuit and Legislature questions are answered. The one thing all commissioners agreed on was that the commisioners would not ban these dispensaries from Citrus County, but instead extend the moratorium for another six months until the two big issues are hopefully resolved.

During public discussion, opinions were mixed. Some called for continuance of the moratorium and some for banning such facilities.

County Attorney Denise Dymond-Lyn cautioned commissioners that eventually they will have to make a decision, and that extending moratoriums beyond a legally reasonable period would be counter productive.

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