Bank robbery suspect apprehended in Dunnellon

Brent Edward Bevil
The Citrus County Sheriff's Office on Thursday afternoon that suspected Homosassa bank robber Brent Edward Bevil had been apprehended.
Bevil is in custody at the Marion County Jail right now after an anonymous tip came into the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at about 9:30 p.m. The tipster said that Bevil was staying in the woods behind the Dollar General off SW 56th Lane in Dunnellon
Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene and found Bevil living behind the store. He was taken into custody without incident and was booked into the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on a Citrus County warrant. 
A Citrus County Sheriff’s Office detective interviewed Bevil early Thursday morning, the Sheriff's Office said, and Bevil confessed to robbing the Bank of America in Homosassa on Jan. 20. 
Bevil is to be transported back to the Citrus County Jail on our charges, the CCSO said.

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