September 2015

Beverly Hills search warrant yields 4 arrests

FROM LEFT: Jason Callahan, Crystal Hill and Christopher James Ellison.

Early Tuesday morning, detectives of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office Tactical Impact Unit served a search warrant at 4 James St. in Beverly Hills.

Patrol units assisted in the investigation, which resulted in four arrests on various drug charges.

Detectives conducted a thorough search of the home in the populated area of Beverly Hills. The search resulted in the collection of methamphetamine, prescription drugs and several items of drug paraphernalia.

The following people were arrested during the investigation:

Denise Hallowell

Denise Hallowell

Denise Hallowell

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office has characterized a child abuse case as "horrible" after an investigation of a "runaway case" turned into something entirely different.

The Sheriff's Office says that Denise Hallowell, 54, of Inverness is in the Citrus County jail with no bond on aggravated child abuse charges after CCCSO detectives found out, the CCSO said, she had a dark secret.

Crystal River man arrested in bizarre theft

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office arrested a Crystal River man in a bizarre theft on Saturday involving him and his girlfriend.

Arrested was Matthew Cooper, 45.

The Sheriff's Office said that on Saturday evening, Cooper allegedly shot his girlfriend in the stomach, tied her up, took her to an ATM where he removed her cash then took her back to their home and left her.

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